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New Album, Slow Motion Movie Scene Out June 22 



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - APRIL 06, 2023 - Today, rising indie artist Mickey Commodore shares "Are We in Love?" a brand new track from his upcoming full-length studio album, Slow Motion Movie Scene, which is set for release June 22, 2023. The newest single is an introspective journey into the complexities of love.  


Watch the live version of  “Are We in Love?” video HERE.

The track was inspired by the hidden complexities and challenges that can exist in even the strongest relationships, as Mickey explains:  “I wrote the song after hearing a close friend talk about the really bad parts of a seemingly perfect relationship.  Everything always looks so great on social media, but that’s not always the whole story, I think everyone can relate to that.” 

Last month, Mickey premiered the album’s first single, the charming indie pop gemFound

This summer, Mickey Commodore will do a “Release Residency” every Wednesday in June at The 5 Spot in Nashville, TN before heading out on the road to Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Birmingham, Austin, Atlanta, New York and Chicago.  

Mickey’s Slow Motion Movie Scene spans pop, rock, singer-songwriter and a little “we can’t quite put our finger on it” all under the banner of anti-establishment and pro-community.  Self produced and co-produced (on 5 songs) by Jordan Lehning (Andrew Combs, Caitlin Rose, Joshua Hedley, Rodney Crowell), engineered and mixed by Jarrad K (Ruston Kelly, Lucie Silvas, Kate Nash, Betty Who) the album confronts as well as provides comic relief, documenting Mickey’s pandemic highs and lows, mostly lows. The LP’s 10 original tracks (all written by Mickey aka Jason Martin, two songs co-written by his wife Kree Harrison) are as much about making fun of the status quo and rebelling against it, as they are about the complications of love and relationships and the ongoing struggle of staying mentally healthy/self love and care.  


Growing up in the swamps of south Louisiana, Mickey discovered the legends of his musician father’s era - Led Zeppelin, James Taylor, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Ray Charles and the underground songwriters of the same era - Dan Fogelberg, Guy Clark, Jerry Jeff Walker - were an integral part to developing Mickey’s sound over the years.  Jason Martin has released several albums since 2011, but after an ongoing battle of distribution companies confusing his music with other people named Jason Martin, Jason decided to change it up with this new batch of music, which is completely different than anything he’s ever done before.  Mickey Commodore is what some people call your “porn name”, the pet you grew up with and the street you grew up on.  “It’s so stupid,but it’s a pretty good band name!”  says Jason. 

Mickey Commodore’s next release Serotonin (releasing May 4) plans to pay it forward.  After battling anxiety and depression for years, Jason found financial relief and help seeking a therapist through Music Health Alliance.  After all the wonderful services Music Health Alliance provided, Jason found out that not many people knew about it and how easy it was to receive a grant for medical/mental health care.  So to raise awareness, Mickey Commodore will be selling an online exclusive t-shirt for the new single and all proceeds will go to Music Health Alliance


Mickey Commodore - Slow Motion Movie Scene TRACK LIST:

  1. Found

  2.  I Wanna Rule The World

  3. Are We in Love?

  4. Serotonin

  5. Minimum Wage feat. Kree Harrison

  6. Broke Forever

  7. Nothing Left To Do

  8. Do What You Want feat. Diego Navaira

  9. Happy (With What You’ve Got)

  10. Someday


 Mickey Commodore On Tour:

June 14 - Nashville, TN - The 5 Spot Release Residency

June 21 - Nashville, TN - The 5 Spot Release Residency

June 28 - Nashville, TN - The 5 Spot Release Residency

July 07 - Baton Rouge, LA - Chelsea’s Live 

July 14 - Birmingham, AL - The Nick

August 03 - Decatur, GA -Eddie’s Attic
More dates TBA


Connect with Mickey Commodore:

Website | TikTok | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Spotify | Apple | YouTube



Jason Martin

Mickey Commodore Debuts New Single
"Are We in Love?"

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